R. A. Torrey (1856-1928AD)

R A Torrey

American evangelist and Bible teacher.

"The great men of every age arrive at the exact psychological moment.

When all that was mortal of D. L. Moody was lowered into the grave on the Round Top at Northfield, it was felt that a mighty man of God had been taken from the struggles of earth to the glories of heaven, and weak hearts, forgetful of the history of the past, trembled as they thought that there was no successor to the great evangelist. Who can take Mr. Moody’s place? was the question that Christians asked each other all round the globe, and to that query there seemed but the one sad answer, “Nobody.”

But among the company that stood on that little green hill in New England, and gazed, with tear-stained eyes, into the open grave, there was one man on whom the famous preacher’s mantle had fallen. No man knew it at the time, least of all this man himself, for his hour had not yet come. The command to go forth had not yet been spoken. But there he stood—Reuben Archer Torrey, friend and lieutenant of the dead General. Between the two men, differing in so many respects, there had for years existed a bond of love; shoulder to shoulder they had worked with all their strength for the advancement of the kingdom of God, and now, when the older man had laid down the standard, the other servant was to take it up and carry it on to heights undreamed of before."

[from "Torrey and Alexander" by J. Kennedy Maclean.]

Torrey and Alexander. The Story of their Lives. (300k) by J. Kennedy Maclean. (published 1910AD?) pdf (382k) docx (101k)


1. The Personality and Deity of the Holy Spirit. (110k) from vol. 1, "The Fundamentals." 1910-1915AD. pdf  (46k) docx (29k)

2. . . . Resurrection of Jesus Christ from the Dead. (124k) from vol. 5, "The Fundamentals." 1910-1915AD. pdf  (76k) docx (37k)

3. The Place of Prayer in Evangelism. (97k) from vol 12, "The Fundamentals." 1910-1915AD. pdf (50k) docx (32k)

4. A Converted Infidel's Preaching. (108k) Sermon on Acts 9:20. pdf (42k) docx (30k)

4. The Key-Note of the Bible. (145k) Sermon on 1 John 4:8. pdf (49k) docx (33k)

5. The Most Wonderful Sentence Ever Written. (135k) Sermon on John 3:16. pdf (54k) docx (33k)

6. Peanut Patriotism and Pure Patriotism. (92k) A call for American patriotism, First World War, 1918AD. pdf (40k) docx (28k)

7. The Only Gospel that has Saving Power. (129k)  Sermon on Romans 1:16, Galatians 1:8,9. pdf (45k) docx (31k)

8. The Great Attraction; the Uplifted Christ. (130k) Sermon on John 12:32. pdf (74K) docx (33K)

9. Great Things and How Any One Can Get Them. (99k) Sermon on 1 Corinthians 3:21. pdf (44K) docx (28K)


The Baptism with the Holy Spirit. (5 chs.) (172k) 1895AD American edition. pdf (141k) docx (48k)

How to Bring Men to Christ. (13 chs.) (241k) 1893AD American edition. pdf (44k) docx (72k)





R. A. Torrey 





1. THE IMPORTANCE OF PRAYER. (112k) docx (35K) rtf (112k) pdf (184k) zip (23k)
2. PRAYING UNTO GOD.(62k) docx (24k) rtf (62k) pdf (69k) zip (14k)
3. OBEYING AND PRAYING. (52k) docx (21k) rtf (52k) pdf (70k) zip (12k)
4. PRAYING IN THE NAME OF CHRIST AND ACCORDING TO THE WILL OF GOD. (66k) docx (24k) rtf (66k) pdf (74k) zip (14k)
5. PRAYING IN THE SPIRIT. (51k) docx (22k) rtf (51k) pdf (65k) zip (12k)
6. ALWAYS PRAYING AND NOT FAINTING. (43k) docx (20k)  rtf (43k) pdf (64k) zip (11k)
7. ABIDING IN CHRIST. (51k) docx (22k) rtf (58k) pdf (58k) zip (64k)
8. PRAYING WITH THANKSGIVING. (45k) docx (20k) rtf (45k) pdf (61k) zip (11k)
9. HINDRANCES TO PRAYER. (75k) docx (26k) rtf (75k) pdf (84k) zip (16k)
10. WHEN TO PRAY. (56k) docx (23k) rtf (56k) pdf (71k) zip (14k)
11. THE NEED OF A GENERAL REVIVAL. (56k) docx (27k) rtf (70k) pdf (83k) zip (17k)
12. THE PLACE OF PRAYER BEFORE AND DURING REVIVALS. (77k) docx (28k) rtf (77k) pdf (85k) zip (18k)












PDF BOOK (271k) "Talks to Men about the Bible and the Christ of the Bible" by R. A. Torrey.

1. One Reason why I Believe the Bible to be THE WORD OF GOD. (87k) pdf (34k) docx (25k)

2. more Reasons why I Believe the Bible to be the Word of God. (71k) pdf (26k) docx (23k)

3. Four more Reasons why I Believe the Bible to be the Word of God. (85k) pdf (30k) docx (26k)

4. Three more Reasons why I Believe the Bible to be the Word of God. (89k) pdf (31k) docx (24k)

5. Did Jesus Christ really Rise from the Dead? (76k) pdf (25k) docx (24k)

6. The Self-evident Truthfulness of the Gospel Stories of the Resurrection. (95k) pdf (33k) docx (26k)

7. The Circumstantial Evidence of the Resurrection of Christ. (81k) pdf (31k) docx (24k)

8. What the Resurrection of Jesus from the Dead proves. (76k) pdf (24k) docx (23k)

9. Infidelity: Its Causes, Consequences, and Cure. (86k) pdf (29k) docx (25k)

10. Infidelity: Its Consequences and Cure. (96k) pdf (31k) docx (26k)

How to Obtain Fulness of Power









PDF BOOK (265k) "How to Obtain Fulness of Power." by R. A. Torrey.

1. The Power of THE WORD OF GOD. (99k) pdf (41k) docx (29k)

2. The Power of the Blood of God. (92k) pdf (74k) docx (27k)

3. The Power of the Holy Spirit. (156k) pdf (114k) docx (43k)

4. The power of prayER. (102k) pdf (41k) docx (31k)

5. the power of a surrendered life. (91k) pdf (29k) docx (25k)

Lessons from the Life and Death of D. L. Moody, by R. A. Torrey.

Dwight L. Moody

Dwight L. Moody, American evangelist, 1837-1899AD

Lessons from the Life and Death of D. L. Moody   (102k)  pdf (97k) docx (34k) by  Rev. R. A. Torrey.