J. C. Ryle’s
Expository Thoughts on the Gospel of Mark.

John Charles Ryle 

REV. J. C. RYLE, 1816–1900AD

“THE volume now in the reader’s hands, is a continuation of a work already commenced by “Expository Thoughts on St. Matthew.” The nature of the work has been so fully explained in the preface to the volume on St. Matthew, that it seems unnecessary to say anything on the subject. It may be sufficient to repeat that the reader must not expect to find in these “Expository Thoughts,” a learned, critical commentary on the Gospels. If he expects this he will be disappointed. The work before him makes no pretence to being anything more than a continuous series of short practical Expositions.

The main difference between this volume and the one which has preceded it, will be found to consist in the occasional explanatory footnotes. The subjects of these notes will generally prove to be difficult passages or expressions in the inspired text. I cannot pretend to say that I have thrown any new light on the difficulties in St. Mark, but I can honestly say that I have endeavoured to put the reader in possession of all that can be said on each difficulty.

In composing these Expositions on St. Mark, I have tried to keep continually before me the three-fold object which I had in view, when I first commenced writing on the Gospels. I have endeavoured to produce something which may be useful to heads of families in the conduct of family prayers,—something which may assist those who visit the poor and desire to read to them,—and something which may aid all readers of the Bible in the private study of God’s Word. In pursuance of this three-fold object, I have adhered steadily to the leading principles with which I began. I have dwelt principally on the things needful to salvation. I have purposely avoided all topics of minor importance. I have spoken plainly on all subjects, and have striven to say nothing which all may not understand.” [extract from his Preface.]


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