Howell Harris
Howell Harris (1714-1773AD.)


William Williams

William Williams (1717-1791AD.)

Daniel Rowlands

Daniel Rowlands (1713-1790AD.)









A Historical Sketch.















CHAPTER I. (82k) pdf (30k) docx (26k) Howell Harris—Daniel Rowlands—Howell Davies.

CHAPTER II. (69k) pdf (25k) docx (23k) William Williams—Peter Williams—Harris’s ministry—Rowlands at home—Llangeitho gatherings—Pilgrims from Bala—A ship-load from Carnarvon—Exhorters—Successes.

CHAPTER III. (90k) pdf (32k) docx (26k) Attachment to the Church—Societies—Exhorters—Organization—Overseers—Moderators—Districts—Reports of Overseers—Rules for admission of Exhorters—Strict discipline—Great poverty—Richard Tibbot.

CHAPTER IV. (93k) pdf (41k) docx (30k) Harris mobbed at Newport and other places—Peter Williams at Kidwelly—At Wrexham—In the dog-kennel—At Trevriw—At Penrhos—The grey mare—Rowlands mobbed at Llanilar—Mike and Dick—A persistent church choir—Patent rattle—A small Gunpowder Plot—Lewis Evan and the magistrate—Imprisoned—Morgan Griffith arrested—Sent on board a man-of-war—A Sermon en route—Furlough—Again sent away—Dies.

CHAPTER V. (75k) pdf (30k) docx (25k) More persecution and oppression—William Pritchard—Hugh Thomas hiding in caves—Edward Parry—Margaret Hughes—Owen Thomas Rowland—Thomas Lloyd sold up—Sale at Wrexham—Richard Hughes and the agent.

CHAPTER VI. (73k) pdf (24k) docx (23k) The instigators of the persecution—False representations—Sensible gentry—Mr. Lewis, Mr. Bulkeley, and the strange preacher—A sermon at Llysdulas Hall and its results—Mr. Bulkeley and Chancellor Wynne—Hugh Williams the blacksmith, and Hugh Williams, Esquire—Mrs. Holland Griffiths—Young Holland Griffiths’s opinion—Griffith John and his master.

CHAPTER VII. (60k) pdf (20k) docx (20k) Checks to persecution—Miracles or what ?—End of some of Howell Harris’s persecutors—The unfulfilled vow—Chancellor Owen and his clerk—Sir W. W. Wynn—The great prayer-meeting—Deliverance—Penryn—A plot to pull down the chapel—How it failed—A feast, and how it finished.

CHAPTER VIII. (91k) pdf (40k) docx (29k) Self-sacrificing zeal—Thomas Hughes and his wife—Another Thomas Hughes—Examination by the Vicar of Conway—A ruse—Conversion of a bully—Lowri Williams, “the Apostle”—Griffith Ellis—Church of eight females—Three sisters—Robert the shoemaker—Thomas Edwards the turner—Catherine Owen’s journeys to Llangeitho.

CHAPTER IX. (86k) pdf (40k) docx (28k) Contentions—Strong terms—The Disruption—“Harris’s people” and “Rowlands’s people”—H. Harris retires to Trevecca—Building of the great house—The “ Family”—Daily sermons and services—Preaching on a sickbed—Harris joins the militia with twenty-four of the “ Family”—Made a captain—Preaches in regimentals at Yarmouth and in the West—Return to Trevecca—Monthly sacra­ment—Attachment to the Church.

CHAPTER X. (112k) pdf (49k) docx (34k) Rev. H. Venn on Trevecca—Lady Huntingdon and the Welsh Methodists—A projected college—Rev. J. Berridge’s letter—Opening of the college at Trevecca—Qualifications nd salary of head-master—First anniversary—The  Calvinistic controversy—Another anniversary—Fall of the scaffold—Fireside talk—Death and funeral of Howell Harris—Ultimate results of his withdrawal to Trevecca—Another controversy—Expulsion of Peter Williams—A long drought—A great revival—Rowlands expelled from the Established Church.

CHAPTER XI. (72k) pdf (25k) docx (23k) Concerning Welsh revivals.

CHAPTER XII. (89k) pdf (40k) docx (30k) The Rev. T. Charles of Bala—At Llanddowror school—At Car­marthen College—At Oxford—Ordination and first curacy—Marriage and settlement at Bala—Circulating schools—Sabbath schools—Letter from Mr. Charles—Owen Jones and Robert Davies at Aberystwyth—A farewell meeting and its effects—Owen Jones at Llanidloes—At Shrewsbury—Ebenezer Richard—Establishment of the British and Foreign Bible Society.

CHAPTER XIII. (86k) pdf (36k) docx (27k) Anomalous position of the Connexion—Scarcity of places for the administration of the Lord’s Supper—Dearth of ordained ministers—Rev. N. Rowlands—Entertainment of the idea of ordaining ministers—Opposition of the clergy—Mr. Jones, Llangan—Mr. Griffiths, Nevem—Their objections intelligible—Rev. J. Williams of Lledrod’s resolve—Mr. Charles and Mr. Ebenezer Morris—Decision at the Bala Association—The same at Swansea—The first two ordinations.

CHAPTER XIV. (101k) pdf (43k) docx (32k) Results of the Ordination—Constitution, Rules, and Confes­sion of faith—Home Missionary Societies for the English districts—Colleges at Bala and Trevecca—Foreign Mis­sionary Society—General Assembly—Progress from 1850 to 1870.

CHAPTER XV. (113k) pdf (50k) docx (35k) Sketches of ministers—Robert Roberts—John Elias—Ebenezer Morris—Ebenezer Richard—Conclusion.