William the Silent (1533-1584AD)

William of Orange, 1533-1584

William of Nassau, Prince of Orange

“The Prince is a rare man, of great authoritie, universally beloved, verie wyse in resolution in all things, and voyd of pretences, and that which is worthie of speciall prayse in hym, he is not dismayed with any loss, or adversitie.” Dr. WILSON to Lord BURLEIGH, 3rd December 1576.


"The Rise of the Dutch Republic" by John Lothrop Motley in 3 volumes, 1897AD edition [without footnotes.]


volume 1 (1.8mb) docx (497k)

volume 2 (1.7mb) docx (474k)

volume 3  (1.8mb) docx (510k)


"William the Silent" by Frederic Harrison 1931AD. PDF BOOK  (662k) docx (192k)