Other Tracts

  1. Dairyman's Daughter  (125k) Rev. Legh Richmond 1855AD edition. pdf (142k)  zip (25k)

  2. Revivals  (52k)  Rev. Horatius Bonar. D.D. (1845) zip (18k)

  3. The Father's Drawing (58k)  Rev. John Kennedy D.D. zip (15k)

  4. One Thing Necessary (45k)  Rev. Thomas Watson. D.D. zip (15k)

  5. The Law and the Saints (106k)  Arthur W. Pink. zip (34k)

  6. Arminianism, Another Gospel (80k)  Rev. William MacLean, M.A. (1965) zip (31k)

  7. The Preservation of the Greek NT.(178k)  Rev. William MacLean, M.A. (1985) zip (42k)

  8. Titles and Names of Jesus. (20k)

  9. Authority of the Bible. (387k)  Rev. Thomas Scott (1825 edition) zip (69k)

  10. Bible under Trial. (45k) Professor James Orr. (1906) zip (14k)

  11. An Instructive Object Lesson. (56k) Professor James Orr. (1906) zip (15k)

  12. "Presuppositions" in OT Criticism. (73k) Professor James Orr. (1906) zip (20k)

  13. Article on Inspiration. (27k)  Rev. A. R. Fausset M.A. (1879) zip (9k)

  14. Jesus' sayings on OT as God's Word. (53k) zip (11k)

  15. Bible a Divine Revelation. (15k)  F. H. A. Scrivener (Bible scholar) (1884) zip

  16. Inspiration and Criticism. (77k) Benjamin B. Warfield. zip (25k)

  17. Church Doctrine of Inspiration. (67k) Benjamin B. Warfield (1894) zip (21k)

  18. The Biblical Idea of Inspiration. (97k) Benjamin B. Warfield (1915 edition) zip (31k)

  19. The Christian Ministry (192k) Rev. J. B. Lightfoot D.D. (1892 edition) zip (62k)

  20. Of Regeneration. (54k)  John Gill D.D. (1769) zip (17k)

  21. How May Ministers Best Win Souls? (44k)  Robert Traill (1810 edition) zip (14k)

  22. Advantage and Necessity of Prayer. (25k)  Herman Witius (1839 edition) zip (11k)

  23. Canons of Dort (188k) (1618-1619) zip (32k)

  24. Spiritual Perils of Today. (236k) (1924 2nd edition) zip (43k)

  25. The Cambuslang Revival. (61k) Mr. M'Culloch, Minister at Cambuslang. (1742) zip (22k)

  26. The Ulster Revival of 1859. (47k) William Henry Harding (1913). zip (17k)

  27. The Absence of the Sin. (30k) Rev. J. S. Sinclair (1966?) zip (11k)

  28. The Epistle of Polycarp. (35k) Ante-Nicene Christian Library (1867) zip (11k)

  29. Martyrdom of Polycarp. (60k) Ante-Nicene Christian Library (1867) zip (18k)

  30. The Sum of Saving Knowledge. (91k)  (17th century) zip (28k)

  31. Dr. Thomas Bray (49k)  Rector of Sheldon, 1690-1730. zip (18k)

  32. "To the Reader" (30k)  Introductions to Westminster Confession of Faith. zip (12k)

  33. "Against the Growth of Popery." (31k)   John Milton (1673) zip (13k)

  34. Christ the Way, the Truth and the Life. (21k)  Rev. R. M. M‘Cheyne (1836) zip (8k)

  35. Evidence on Revivals (24k)  Rev. R. M. M'Cheyne. (1841) zip (10k)

  36. Communion with Brethren of Other Denominations. (22k)  Rev. R. M. M‘Cheyne (1842) zip (9k)

  37. Another Lily Gathered. (115k) Rev. R. M. M'Cheyne (1844) pdf (63k)  zip (29k)

  38. On Holy Scripture. (91k) Robert Shaw D.D. (1845) zip (27k)

  39. “Hold Fast the Form of Sound Words” (15k) 1. James, 2. Ryle (19th cent.)

  40. Founding of New England. (238k)  Cotton Mather D.D. (1853 edition) zip (72k)

  41. Expositions on Psalm XXXIX. (103k) Robert Leighton D.D. (1748 edition) zip (31k)

  42. Expositions on Isaiah VI. (47k) Robert Leighton D.D. (1748 edition) zip (19k)

  43. Westminster Shorter Catechism (244k) 1648ad with full Bible text proofs zip (52k)

  44. Arminianism: the Golden Idol of Free Will. (54k) Rev. A. Toplady (18th century) zip (31k)

  45. from Josephus. (73k) by William Whiston (1881edition) zip (23k)

  46. Revival of Romanism. (119k) by James Anthony Froude M.A. (1894 edition) zip (45k)

  47. William Gurnall. (130k) by Rev. J. C. Ryle (1864 AD) zip (49k)

  48. Awakening in Pennsylvania. (60k) a letter by Rev. Samuel Blair 1744AD zip (19k)

  49. William Wilberforce (30k) an article by Rev. James Gardner (1857 edition) zip (9k)

  50. ...Case of Fuller Theological Seminary. (59k) by Dr. Harold Lindsall (1976 edition) zip (17k)

  51. Justified! (64k) by Rev. J. C. Ryle (19th century) zip (21k)

  52. Puritanism (50k) an article by Winthrop S. Hudson (1970AD) zip (16k)

  53. Rome....Cannot Change Her Principles.... (76k) by Rev. J.A. Wylie from “The Papacy ....” (1851AD) zip (26k)

  54. The Lord our Righteousness. (46k) by Rev. George Whitefield (18th century) zip (17k)

  55. Hyper-Evangelism: Another Gospel..... (94k) by Rev. John Kennedy, (1874AD) zip (34k)

  56. The Teaching of the Twelve Apostles (415k) [Ebionite 80AD?] by Canon Spence, (1888AD) pdf (781k) docx (118k) zip (164k)

  57. Comfort for Christians. (208k) Arthur W. Pink 1952AD zip (67k)

  58. The Westminster Larger Catechism. (151k)(1648AD) PDF (209k) zip (35k)

  59. The Council of Jerusalem. (100k) by F. F. Bruce M.A., D.D. (1952AD) zip (26k)

  60. Letter to a New Convert. (18k) by Jonathan Edwards M.A. (1741AD)

  61. Bible-Reading. (133k) by J. C. Ryle D.D. (1887AD) zip (38k)

  62. The Doctrine of Original Sin. (340k) by William G. T. Shedd (1861AD) (1870AD edition) zip (54k)

  63. …Divine Authority…of Christian Religion. (104k) by Samuel Davies (1723-1761AD) (1864AD edition) zip (30k)

  64. "The Narrative of Father Chiniquy…” (35k) first published in 1860AD (sent by Michael Madden 2003AD) zip (12k)

  65. Catechism (63k) by William G. T. Shedd from his "...Pastoral Theology” (1870AD edition) zip (18k)

  66. All Mankind Guilty... (73k) by William G. T. Shedd from his "...Natural Man.” (1871AD edition) zip (20k)

  67. Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners. (379k) autobiography by John Bunyan pdf (463k) zip (117k)

  68. Evangelical Religion. (75k) by J. C. Ryle, first published 1877AD zip (25k)

  69. Idolatry. (76k) by J. C. Ryle, first published 1877AD zip (24k)

  70. Which Version? (43k) Introductory Note (2003AD) & “Preface" to "English Standard Version 2001AD"zip (12k)

  71. Essay to Baxter’s "A Call to the Unconverted" (91k) by Thomas Chalmers, D.DS. 1850AD zip (26k)

  72. Lecture on Life & Times of John Bunyan (161k) by Rev. George B. Cheever, D.D. (1846AD ) zip (33k)

  73. Calvinism by James Anthony Froude (247k) An address delivered at St Andrew's, March 17 1871AD zip (47k)

  74. The Heroic in History. (288k) a lecture by Thomas Carlyle concerning Luther & Knox 1840AD  zip (48k)

  75. Hold Fast . (170k) a charge given by Bishop J. C. Ryle to his diocese of Liverpool in 1890AD zip (40k)

  76. What is Presbyterianism? (221k) an address given by Rev. Charles Hodge in 1855AD zip (35k)

  77. The Preacher's Power, and the Condition of Obtaining it. (126K) C. H. Spurgeon, June 1889AD pdf (169k) html (85k) zip (39k)

  78. Matthew Henry's Self Examination before Ordination. (41k) by John Bickerton Williams 1828AD pdf (138k) zip (14k)

  79. The Time of Reformation. (37k) a sermon by Christmas Evans (19th century) zip (11k)

  80. RICHARD BAXTER, Essay on the life, ministry and theology of, by William Jenkyn 1846AD.

  81. SAMUEL RUTHERFORD, a short biography by Andrew Thomson, 1884AD.

  82. Do You Pray? (198k) by J. C. Ryle from "Practical Religion" 1887 4th edition. pdf (92k) docx (59k) zip (44k)

  83. Persecution Every Christian's Lot. (83k) pdf (62k) zip (22k) a sermon by George Whitefield.

  84. Natural Science & Theological Science. (173k) pdf (119k) zip (30k) a sermon by Rev. J. W. Burgon, M.A. 1860AD.

  85. Farewell to the Diocese. (34k) J. C. Ryle's last address, February 1st 1900AD, pdf (20k)

  86. Preacher and Prayer (285k) by E. M. Bounds from a Prayer Series, 1907AD. pdf (336k) docx (89k)

  87. How to Pray by R. A. Torrey, 1856-1928AD, American evangelist and Bible teacher. First published 1900AD.

  88. GEORGE WISHART, Scottish martyr, died 1546AD.

  89. A Retrospect. by J. Hudson Taylor, 1856-1928AD, missionary to inland China in 19th century. (3rd edition, 1904AD).

  90. Life of John Kitto by John Eadie D.D., 1804-1854AD, deaf missionary, Biblical scholar and Christian author. (1858AD first edition).

  91. Revival in the Hebrides (1949AD) (457k) by Duncan Campbell, revival preacher. pdf (240k) docx (117k) zip (85k)

  92. The Lewis Awakening. (1949-1952AD) (159k) by Duncan Campbell, revival preacher, published 1954AD. pdf (735k) docx (51k) zip (88k)

  93. Have You the Spirit? (260k) A tract published 1854AD by J. C. Ryle. pdf (127k) docx (64k) zip (46k)

  94. A. W. TOZER, American evangelical pastor and author, 1897 - 1963AD.

  95. Is the Higher Criticism Scholarly? (275k) by Robert Dick Wilson, Professor of Semitic Philology, 1922AD,  pdf (249k) docx (62k) zip (50k)

  96. Letter on Revivals (206k) by Rev. Archibald Alexander, D.D., 1832AD. pdf (106k) docx (29k) zip (19k)

  97. Letter on Revivals (1.23mb) by Rev. Samuel Miller, D.D., 1832AD. pdf (243k) docx (66k) zip (83k)

  98. MARY SLESSOR, by W. P. Livingstone, on her life as a missionary to Africa, 29th edition, 1927AD.

  99. Incidents of Gospel Work. (322k) by Charles Stanley, English evangelist, Brethren, published 1888AD.

  100. The Christian Education of Youth. (99k) by Ulrich Zwingli,1526AD. Translated from original, 1899AD. pdf (65k) docx (36k) zip (29k)

  101. The Eternal Security of the Believer. (249k) by H. A. Ironside, published 1934AD. pdf (173k) docx (55k)

  102. Holiness - the False and the True. pdf book (634k) by H. A. Ironside, published in 1930s.

  103. Full Assurance. pdf book (308k) by H. A. Ironside, published 1937AD. docx (101k)

  104. Narrative of Surprising Conversions. (401k) a letter by Jonathan Edwards written 1736AD. pdf (258k) docx (98k),