PDF Christian Books


1.     Protestantism in Germany to....1519AD (416k) from James A. Wylie (from Hist. of Protestantism vol 1 book 5) (1878AD)

2.    Pilgrim's Progress (521k) by John Bunyan.

3.    The Westminster Larger Catechism (209k) by an Assembly of Divines at Westminster, (1648AD)

4.    The Rise and Progress of Religion in the Soul (1.35MB) by Philip Doddridge.

5.    Protestantism in the Netherlands (1.12MB) by James A. Wylie (from Hist. of Protestantism vol 3 book 18) (1878AD)

6.    Protestantism in Switzerland to....1525AD (473k) by James A. Wylie (from Hist. of Protestantism vol 1 book 8) (1878AD)

7.    Wicliffe and His Times (412k) by James A. Wylie (from Hist. of Protestantism vol 1 book 5) (1878AD)

8.    Didache, Teaching of the Twelve Apostles (376k) [ebionite?] by Canon Spence, published 1888AD.

9.    Wicliffe to Henry VIII (396k) by James A. Wylie (from Hist. of Protestantism vol 1 book 7) (1878AD)

10.  Conversion & Early Labours of Luther (345k) by J. H. Merle d'Aubigne (from Hist. of Reformation vol 1 book 2) (1835AD)

11.  Luther at Worms (305k) by J. H. Merle d'Aubigne (from Hist. of Reformation vol 2 book 7) (1835AD)

12.  Life of John Knox (743k) by Rev. Thomas M'Crie D.D. (without footnotes) (1847AD)

13.  Christianity & Liberalism (455k) by J. Gresham Machen (1926AD)

14.  The First Epistle of Clement to the Corinthians (265k) 1st century AD (1867AD translation with 252 footnotes)

15.  Luther's Training for the Reformation A.D. 1483-1517. (214k) by Philip Schaff, (1887AD)

16.  All of Grace (340k) by Charles H. Spurgeon (published 1915AD)

17.  Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners.   (463k) autobiography by John Bunyan

18.  William the Silent (711k) a biography by Frederic Harrison. (1931AD)

19.  Memoir of Jonathan Edwards (2.72mb) by Sereno E. Dwight (first published 1834AD)

20.  Horae Paulinae (801k) by William Paley D.D. first published 1790AD (sent by Michael Madden, April 2006)

21.  How to Pray (931k) by R. A. Torrey, 1856-1928AD, American evangelist and Bible teacher. First published 1900AD.

22.  A Retrospect. (1.6mb) by J. Hudson Taylor, 1856-1928AD, missionary to inland China in 19th century. (3rd edition, 1904AD). 

23.  Life of Mary Slessor of Calabar (2.7MB) by W. P. Livingstone, 1848-1915AD, pioneer missionary to West Africa. (1927AD twenty-ninth edition).

24.  Adolphe Monod (2,143k) "Farewell to his Friends and to his Church." French Protestant Reformed preacher's last testimony. (1858AD edition).

25.  Life of John Kitto (2.57mb) a deaf missionary, Bible scholar and Christian author by Rev. John Eadie published 1858AD.

26.  The Dairyman's Daughter. (307k) Rev. Legh Richmond 1855AD edition (first published 1810AD).

27.  Revival in the Hebrides (1949AD) ((240k) by Duncan Campbell, revival preacher.

28.  The Lewis Awakening. (1949-1952AD) (735k) by Duncan Campbell, revival preacher, published 1954AD.

29 The Pursuit of God. (684k) by A. W. Tozer, American evangelical pastor and author, 1897 - 1963AD. (published 1948AD).

30. Memoir of the Rev, William C. Burns. (1.5mb) by Rev. Islay Burns. Evangelist and missionary to China 19th century. 3rd edition published 1870AD.

31. Life and Labours of Duncan Matheson (1.1mb) by Rev. John MacPherson. New edition published 1870AD.

32. Preacher and Prayer (339k) by Edward M. Bounds. From a prayer series published 1907AD.

33. The Story of Mary Jones & her Bible. (680k)  1890AD.

34. Life of William Farel, the Swiss Reformer. (792k) by Rev. Melchoir Kirchhofer, (translated from the German,) 1837AD.

35. Recollections of Henry Moorhouse, Evangelist. (582k) by Geo. C. Needham, published 1881AD.

36. Incidents of Gospel Work. (322k) by Charles Stanley, published 1888AD.

37. How to Bring Men to Christ. (204k) by R. A. Torrey. American edition, published 1893AD.

38. Meditations and Discourses on the Glory of Christ. (607k) by John Owen, Puritan diivine, in 14 chapters, first published 1696AD.

39. Holiness - the False and the True. (634k) by H. A. Ironside, published in 1930s.

40. Full Assurance. (308k) by H. A. Ironside, published 1937AD.

41. The Weapon of Prayer. (373k) by Edward M. Bounds. From a prayer series published 1931AD.

42. C. H. Spurgeon, A Biography. (4.5mb)  by W. Y. Fullerton, illustrated, 1920AD.

43. Rise and Establishment of Protestantism in Geneva. (4.3mb) from "The History of Protestantism", volume 2, book 14, by James A, Wylie, 1878AD.

44. Calvin and Servetus (1mb) by Albert Rilliet, and translated from the French by Rev. W. K. Tweedie, published 1846AD.

45. God’s Unspeakable Gift.  (452k) "Twelve Select Addresses on Evangelical Themes," by H. A. Ironside,  published UK, 1940s.

46. “The Papacy: its History, Dogmas, Genius, and Prospects.” (2mb) by James A. Wylie, in 4 books and 36 chapters, 1852AD.

47. The Life and Times of the Rev. George Whitefield, M.A. (2.8mb) by Robert Philip, 1838AD.

48. "The Rise of the Dutch Republic" by John Lothrop Motley in 3 volumes, 1897AD edition [without footnotes.]