Charles H. Spurgeon  (1834–1892AD)


Charles H. Spurgeon


EVEN if we cannot hear the living voice of Spurgeon ringing out from the pulpit of the Metropolitan Tabernacle, we are at least able to read his sermons and commentaries and other writings to enjoy the fruits of his wonderful ministry. The Spurgeon tracts are a reminder of how the Holy Spirit used this great preacher to declare the life-giving Gospel of Jesus Christ for the edification and spiritual good of so many.


“Can you not remember, dearly-beloved, that day of days, that best and brightest of hours, when first you saw the Lord, lost your burden, received the roll of promise, rejoiced in full salvation, and went on your way in peace? My soul can never forget that day. Dying, all but dead, diseased, pained, chained, scourged, bound in fetters of iron, in darkness and the shadow of death, Jesus appeared unto me. My eyes looked to Him; the disease was healed, the pains removed, chains were snapped, prison doors were opened, darkness gave place to light. What delight filled my soul!—what mirth, what ecstasy, what sound of music and dancing, what soarings towards Heaven, what heights and depths of ineffable delight! Scarcely ever since then have I known joys which surpassed the rapture of that first hour.”—C. H. S. [Extract from Spurgeon's introduction to his conversion chapter (ch. 11, vol. 1) from his Autobiography (1898AD edition)]


 Spurgeon's conversion from his Autobiography vol. 1, ch. xi, (137k) pdf  (82k) docx (41k) from Spurgeon's Autobiography, vol. 1 ch. 11. 1898AD edition.

 C. H. Spurgeon, A Biography PDF (2.6mb)  by W. Y. Fullerton, illustrated, 1920AD.  docx (360k) [text only]



Charles H. Spurgeon

THE SOUL-WINNER, OR, HOW TO LEAD SINNERS TO THE SAVIOUR, in 15 chapters, as published 1895AD.


What is it to Win a Soul? (126k) pdf (68k) docx (41k)

Qualifications for Soul-Winning—Godward. (112k) pdf (88k) docx (37k)

Qualifications for Soul-Winning—Manward. (91k) pdf (66k) docx (29k)

Sermons Likely to Win Souls. (112k) pdf (84k) docx (36k)

Obstacles to Soul-Winning. (81k) pdf (52k) docx (26k)

How to Induce Our People to Win Souls. (94k) pdf (74k) docx (31k)

How to Raise the Dead. (96k) pdf (72k) docx (32k)

How to Win Souls for Christ. (99k) pdf (76k) docx (32k)

The Cost of Being a Soul-Winner. (68k) pdf (40k) docx (23k)

The Soul-Winner’s Reward. (76k) pdf (36k) docx (24k)

The Soul-Winner’s Life and Work. (104k) pdf (72k) docx (34k)

Soul-Winning Explained. (102k) pdf (50k) docx (35k)

Soul-Saving Our One Business. (107k) pdf (72k) docx (35k)

Instruction in Soul-Winning. (107k) pdf (74k) docx (35k)

Encouragement to Soul-Winners. (104k) pdf (52k) docx (35k)


 Charles H. Spurgeon


1. Sovereignty and Salvation. (130k)  preached January 6th, 1856AD. pdf (56k) docx (35k)

2. The Greatest Fight in the World. (509k) preached on 1 Timothy 6:12, 1891AD. pdf (190k) docx (76k)

3. The Kind of Revival We Need. (14k)  

4. The Need and Nature of Conversion. (36k)

5. Justification by Grace. (40k)

5. Justification. (36k)

6. On Justification. (43k)   (1868AD)

7. Faith in Perfection. (47k)   (1859AD)

8. All Joy in All Trials. (49k)   (1883AD)

9. Church of England in 1861 (19k)

10. ALL OF GRACE. (347k) pdf (340k) docx (113k)

11. The Soul-Winner's Life and Work. (53k) (1876AD)

12. The Warrant of Faith. (51k)

13. The Sin of Unbelief. (45k)

14. For Whom Did Christ Die? (46k)

15. A Question for a Questioner. (136k) May 31st, 1885AD. pdf (65k) docx (34k)

16. Unstaggering Faith. (60k) a sermon preached 1867AD.

17. My Run to Naples and Pompeii. (147k) Jan. 28, 1873 pdf (135k)

18. Let Not Your Hearts Be Troubled. (128k) Jan. 20, 1867 pdf (112k)

19. A Word in Season. (76k) Jan. 7th or 14th, 1867 pdf (85k)

20. The Preacher's Power, and the Condition of Obtaining it. (126K) June 1889 pdf (169k)

21. The Dawn of Revival, or Prayer Speedily Answered. (107k) Feb. 10th 1867 pdf (92k) docx (71k)

22. God—All in All. (42k) Feb. 24th 1867 pdf (91k) word (91k)

23. Missionary Sermon. (153k)  At the Wesleyan Missionary Anniversary, May 1886AD. pdf (84k) docx (37k)

24. A Sermon for the Most Miserable of Men. (96k) Jan 31st 1869 pdf (80k)

25. .....Comfort of the Afflicted. (101k) June 14th 1885AD pdf (79k)

26. The Unrivalled Eloquence of Jesus. (78k) September 18th 1870AD pdf (78k)

27. The Approachableness of Jesus. (147k) May 3rd, 1868AD. pdf (103k)

28. The Lost Silver Piece. (108k) Jan 15th 1871AD pdf (88k)

29. The Prodigal Son. (99k) May 19th, 1887AD pdf (121k) docx (49k)

30. Spurgeon's conversion from his Autobiography vol. 1, ch. xi, (137k) pdf  (82k) docx (41k)

31. The People's Christ. (164k) Feb. 25th 1855AD docx (42k) rtf (164k) pdf  (150k)

32. The Bible. (117k) preached March 18, 1855AD, pdf (62k) docx (39k)

33. Compel Them to Come In. (99k) docx (37k) pdf (102k)

34. Election and Holiness. (117k) preached March 11, 1860AD, at Exeter Hall, Strand. pdf (115k) docx (41k)

35. Full Assurance. (142k) preached April 28, 1861, pdf (56k) docx (37k)

36. The Secret Power of Prayer. (114k)  preached January 8th, 1888AD, pdf (98k) docx (38k)

37. Accidents, not Punishments. (62k) preached September 8th, 1861AD, pdf (71k) docx (22k)

38. The Great Change.—Conversion. (196k) from Spurgeon's Autobiography, vol. 1 ch. 11. 1898AD edition. pdf (79k) docx (54k)

39. A Sermon for the Time Present. (173k)  preached October 30th, 1887AD, pdf (77k) docx (33k)

40. Instant Salvation or, “Lifting up the Bronze Serpent.”  (109k) preached October 19th, 1879, pdf (73k) docx (40k)

41. Consolation Proportionate to Spiritual Sufferings. (100k) preached March 11th, 1855AD, pdf (86k) docx (39k)

42. The Down-grade Controversy . . ., (151k) from his Autobiography, vol. 4 ch. 99, American edition, 1900AD, pdf (76k) docx (39k)

43. A Dirge for the Down-Grade and a Song for the Faith. (134k) preached April 18th, 1889AD, pdf (58k) docx (35k)

44. The Personality of the Holy Ghost. (141k) preached January 21st, 1855AD, pdf (102k) docx (34k)

45. The Comforter. (127k) preached January 21st, 1855AD, pdf (48k) docx (32k)

46. Let us Pray. (161k) preached November 6, 1859AD, pdf (150k) docx (43k)

47. The Talking Book. (122k) preached October 22, 1871AD, pdf (73k) docx (37k)

48. An Exciting Enquiry. (111k) published March 26, 1908AD, pdf (78k) docx (32k)

49. Election no Discouragement. (101k) preached 1862AD, pdf (71k) docx (33k)

50. The Church the World’s Hope. (104k) preached 1863AD, pdf (73k) docx (33k)

51. "My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?" (121k) preached 1890AD, pdf (53k) docx (35k)

52. The Dying Thief in a New Light. (140k) preached 1885AD, pdf (69k) docx (40k)

53. This Must be a Soldier's Battle. (56k) a "downgrade" article from Sword & Trowel, 1889AD, pdf (13k) docx (19k)

54. Faith: What is it? How can it be Obtained? (164k) preached July 17, 1881AD, pdf (68k) docx (39k)

55. Humility, the Friend of Prayer. (122k) preached June 22, 1884AD, pdf (54k) docx (36k)

56. Pleading and Encouragement. (124k) preached August 17,1884AD, pdf (54k) docx (34k)

57. Providence, As Seen in the Book of Esther. (135k) preached November 1,1874AD, pdf (53k) docx (37k)

58. A Sermon for the Time Present. (129k) a "downgrade" sermon preached October 30, 1887AD, pdf (52k) docx (35k)

59. Attempts at the Impossible. (66k) a "downgrade" article from Sword & Trowel, 1888AD, pdf (23k) docx (22k)

60. Notes on the Down-Grade. (67k) from Sword & Trowel, 1888AD, pdf (27k) docx (23k)

61. Faith Among Mockers. (116k) preached February 10, 1884AD, pdf (70k) docx (35k)

62. Paul's Sermon Before Felix. (107k) preached January 10, 1858AD, pdf (59k) docx (32k)

63. Search the Scriptures. (109k) preached January 17, 1858AD, pdf (62k) docx (32k)

64. Trial by the Word. (128k) preached February 6, 1876AD, pdf (103k) docx (35k)

65. Overcome Evil with Good. (144k) preached October 8, 1876AD, pdf (68k) docx (37k)

66. How to Become Fishers of Men. (150k) preached June, 1886AD, pdf (69k) docx (36k)

67. Abraham's Trial--a Lesson for Believers. (129k) preached Febraury 12, 1891AD, pdf (64k) docx (35k)

68. A Great Gospel for Great Sinners. (131k) preached June 2, 1884AD, pdf (102k) docx (35k)

69. Progressive Theology. (71k) a "downgrade" article from Sword & Trowel, April,1888AD, pdf (57k) docx (22k)

70. Sorrow at the Cross turned into Joy. (124k) preached November 3, 1878AD, pdf (107k) docx (36k)

71. The True Aim of Preaching. (104k) published March 31, 1910AD, pdf (51k) docx (30k)

72. "Supposing Him to be the Gardener." (147k) preached December 31, 1882AD, pdf (69k) docx (36k)

73. Lukewarmness. (104k) preached December 9, 1860AD, pdf (55k) docx (33k)

74. The New Heart. (108k) preached September 5, 1858AD, pdf (58k) docx (33k)

75. Stephen's Martyrdom. (114k) preached March 17, 1867AD, pdf (97k) docx (35k)

76. A Warning Against Hardness of Heart. (130k) preached March 19, 1865AD, pdf (73k) docx (37k)

77. An Old-Fashioned Conversion. (129k) preached March 16, 1873AD, pdf (70k) docx (38k)

78. Pride Catechized and Condemned. (131k) preached January 2, 1876AD, pdf (69k) docx (36k)

79. The Peace of God. (130k) preached January 6, 1878AD, pdf (70k) docx (38k)

80. The Parable of the Lost Sheep. (111k) preached September 28, 1884AD, pdf (66k) docx (35k)

81. Unconditional Surrender. (155k) preached January 30, 1876AD, pdf (65k) docx (38k)

82. The Fruit of the Spirit: Joy. (140k) preached February 6, 1881AD, pdf (92k) docx (38k)

83. A Blast of the Trumpet Against False Peace. (140k) preached February 26, 1860AD, pdf (70k) docx (41k)

84. Man's Weakness, and God's Anointing. (118k) preached September 9, 1860AD, pdf (61k) docx (38k)

85. Moses' Decision. (132k) preached July 12, 1872AD, pdf (70k) docx (41k)

86. The Spies. (117k) preached June 6, 1858AD, pdf (64k) docx (39k)

87. The Three Hours of Darkness. (180k) preached April 18, 1886AD, pdf (68k) docx (46k)

88. Looking Unto Jesus. (131k) preached May 23, 1858AD, pdf (62k) docx (38k)

89. For Whom did Christ Die? (137k) preached September 6, 1874AD, pdf (67k) docx (42k)

90. Christ Put On. (140k) preached February 23, 1890AD, pdf (107k) docx (40k)

91. Lifting up the Brazen Serpent. (146k) preached October 19, 1879AD, pdf (68k) docx (40k)

92. Our Reply to Sundry Critics and Enquirers. (77k) a "downgrade" article, Sword & Trowel, September,1887AD, pdf (64k) docx (25k)

93. The Case Proved. (98k) a "downgrade" article from the Sword & Trowel, October,1887AD, pdf (40k) docx (29k)

94. Healing by the Stripes of Jesus. (147k) preached May 9, 1880AD, pdf (66k) docx (40k)

95. Our Manifesto. (141k) preached April 25, 1890AD, pdf (78k) docx (41k)

96. The Lord and the Leper. (148k) preached February 12, 1888AD, pdf (66k) docx (39k)

97. Life More Abundant. (143k) preached January 4, 1874AD, pdf (99k) docx (41k)

98. The Hope of Future Bliss. (140k) preached May 20, 1855AD, pdf (53k) docx (39k)

99. Memorythe Handmaid of Hope. (161k) preached October 15, 1865AD, pdf (114k) docx (43k)

100. ComingAlways Coming. (140k) preached January, 1877AD, pdf (68k) docx (40k)

101. An Old-Fashioned Conversion. (149k) preached March, 1873AD, pdf (99k) docx (42k)

102. Conversions Desired. (144k) preached March 5, 1876AD, pdf (72k) docx (41k)

103. Conversions Encouraged. (164k) preached March 12, 1876AD, pdf (99k) docx (43k)

104. Gesthemane. (116k) preached February 8, 1863AD, pdf (87k) docx (37k)

105. Consolation of Christ. (172k) preached December 2, 1860AD, pdf (70k) docx (43k)

106. How "the Unspeakable" is Spoken. (147k) preached October 1884AD. pdf (38k) docx (41k)

107. Paul's First Prayer. (148k) preached March 25, 1855AD. pdf (39k) docx (40k)

108. Carried by Four. (146k) preached March 19, 1871AD. pdf (38k) docx (42k)

109. Our Change of Masters. (145k) preached July 6, 1879AD. pdf (71k) docx (41k)

110. Joseph and his Brethren. (130k) preached May 11, 1862AD. pdf (65k) docx (39k)

111. The Voice of the Cholera. (139k) preached August 12, 1866AD. pdf (75k) docx (43k)

112. A Troubled Prayer. (133k) preached March(?) 1867AD. pdf (100k) docx (39k)

113. Joshua's Vision. (139k) preached February 16, 1868AD. pdf (72k) docx (40k)

114. The Agony in Gesthemane. (150k) preached October 18, 1874AD. pdf (72k) docx (43k)

115. Joshua's Obedience. (176k) preached February, 1868AD. pdf (69k) docx (43k)

116. Effectual Calling--Illustrated by the Call of Abram. (151k) preached November 29, 1868AD. pdf (65k) docx (40k)

117. A Faithful Friend. (206k) preached March 8, 1857AD. pdf (65k) docx (44k)