R. Chenevix Trench (1807-1886AD)

Rev. Richard Chenivix Trench

published 1864AD from a crayon drawing by George Richmond dated 1859AD

Anglican Archbishop of Dublin.

The following extract has been taken from the Preface to the 1902 edition of Trench's "Notes on the Parables"

“THE following popular 1902 edition of Archbishop Trench’s “NOTES ON THE PARABLES”, with a translation of the notes, carries out an intention which had long been in the Author’s mind, but which want of leisure—and, when leisure at last was granted, failing health—prevented him from accomplishing. The text has received the Author’s latest emendations, as made by him in his own copy during the last years of his life. The notes are translated so as to bring them within the reach of general readers. In the few cases in which there existed any recognized versions of the original works quoted, these have been followed, so far as was compatible with correctness; but more often, no such version existing, a new translation has been made. The whole of the work, which has been valued by the Church and by scholars for nearly fifty years, is now brought in its entirety within the reach of all, and takes for the first time its final form. The Author never allowed his books to be stereotyped, in order that he might constantly improve them, and permanence has only become possible when his diligent hand can touch the work no more.”

Interpretation of Parables (56k) zip (19k)

  1. The Sower (74k) zip (24k) 

  2. The Tares (72k) zip (23k)

  3. The Mustard Seed (27k) zip (9k)

  4. The Leaven. (29k) zip  (10k)

  5. The Hid Treasure. (35k) zip (14k)

  6. The Pearl of Great Price. (96k) pdf (79k) zip (19k)

  7. The Draw-Net. (52k) zip (16k)

  8. The Unmerciful Servant. (70k) zip (25k)

  9. The Labourers in the Vineyard. (93k) zip (28k)

  10. The Two Sons. (19k) zip (7k)

  11. The Wicked Husbandmen. (57k) zip (22k)

  12. The Marriage of the King's Son. (84k) zip (32k)

  13. The Ten Virgins. (64k) zip (24k)

  14. The Talents. (58k) zip (21k)

  15. The Seed Growing Secretly. (87k) pdf (105k)

  16. The Two Debtors. (62k) zip (18k)

  17. The Good Samaritan. (95k) zip (26k)

  18. The Friend at Midnight. (37k) zip (11k)

  19. The Rich Fool. (44k) zip (14k)

  20. The Barren Fig Tree. (61k) zip (18k)

  21. The Great Supper. (67k) zip (17k)

  22. The Lost Sheep . (79k) zip (17k)

  23. The Lost Piece of Money. (45k) zip (10k)

  24. The Prodigal Son. PDF (1.3mb).

  25. The Unjust Steward. (280k) pdf (232k) docx (70k) zip (49k)

  26. The Rich Man and Lazarus. (282k) pdf (225k) docx (60k) zip (50k)

  27. The Unprofitable Servants. (127k) pdf (85k) docx (33k) zip (22k)

  28. The Unjust Judge. (127k) pdf (64k) docx (39k) zip (26k)

  29. The Pharisee and the Publican. (104k) pdf (70k) docx (35k) zip (23k)

  30. The Pounds. (91k) pdf (72k) docx (37k) zip (33k)