Samuel Davies (1724-1761AD)

  Samuel Davies

American Evangelical Preacher, and president of Princeton college.

SAMUEL DAVIES was an eloquent American Presbyterian preacher, and president of Princeton College; born of Welsh ancestry, in New Castle County, Delaware, Nov. 3, 1724; died at Princeton, Feb. 4, 1761. His mother, to use his own words, was “one of the most eminent saints he ever knew upon earth.” He pursued classical studies under a minister, and subsequently in the school at Fagg's Manor. In 1746 he entered upon his ministry at Hanover, Virginia., having received a governmental license to “officiate in and around Hanover at four meeting-houses.” His ministry was very successful, attracting people from great distances.

In 1753 he was deputed to go to Great Britain with Gilbert Tennent, to solicit funds for Princeton College. The effort resulted in a collection of more than four thousand pounds. During Mr. Davies’ visit abroad he was listened to by admiring crowds wherever he preached. In 1759 he succeeded Jonathan Edwards in the presidency of the institution for which he had recently done so much. He lies buried at Princeton. His sermons were elaborately prepared, and are among the best products of the American pulpit, as regards both their tone and matter. They were first printed in London, 1767-71, 5 vols. The best American edition appeared in New York, 1851, 3 vols., with Biographical Memoir by Albert Barnes. [from Schaff Herzog Encyc. of Religious Knowledge. 1894AD edition]


SERMONS on Important Subjects (3 Volumes, 5th edition, 1792AD.)

1. The Method of Salvation through Jesus Christ. (66k) zip (22k)

2. The Danger of Lukewarmness in Religion. (60k) zip (18k)

3. Life and Immortality Revealed in the Gospel. (49k) zip (16k)

4. Jesus Christ the Only Foundation. (68k) zip (21k)

5. The Necessity and Excellence of Family Religion. (102k) zip (23k)

6. The Compassion of Christ to Weak Believers. (61k) zip (20k)

7. God is Love. (87k) zip (26k)

8. The Nature of Looking to Christ Opened and Explained. (113k) pdf (57k) zip (29k)

9. The Success of the Ministry of the Gospel, owing to a Divine Influence. (150k) pdf (96k) zip (32k)

10. The Sufferings of Christ and their Consequent Joys and Blessings. (133k) pdf (179k) zip (31k)

11. The Method of Salvation Through Jesus Christ. (220k) pdf (236k) docx (49k) zip (34k)

12. Poor and Contrite Spirits the Objects of Divine Favour. (142k) pdf (52k) docx (41k) zip (27k)

13. Christ Precious to All True Believers. (150k) pdf (91k) docx (51k) zip (33k)

14. One Thing is Needful. (194k) pdf (152k) docx (44k) zip (39k)

15. The Divine Authority of the Christian Religion. (189k) docx (56k) pdf (184k) zip (40k)

16. The Nature and Process of Spiritual Life. (150k) pdf (92k) docx (37k) zip (31k)

17. The Connection between Holiness and Felicity. (96k) pdf (52k) docx (36k) zip (31k)

18. Life and Immortality Revealed in the Gospel. (107k) pdf (53k) docx (33k) zip (26k)

19. Sinners Entreated to be Reconciled to God. (170k) pdf (65k) docx (38k)

20. The divine Authority and Sufficiency of the Christian Religion. (218k) pdf (127k) docx (49k)

21. The Nature and Danger of making light of Christ and Salvation. (114k) pdf (61k) docx (31k)

22. The Mediatorial Kingdom and Glories of Jesus Christ. (169k) pdf (99k) docx (48k)

23. The Nature and Universality of Spiritual Death. (141k) pdf (86k) docx (41k)

24. The Curse of Cowardice. (126k) pdf (65k) docx (36k)



Memoir of President Davies. by  Rev. William B. Sprague, D.D. (1864AD) (97k) zip (24k)

A Sermon on the Death of Rev. Samuel Davies (105k) by Rev. Samuel Finley D.D. 1761AD zip (30k)