Confessions of Faith

39 Articles of Religion (53k) Church of England (1571AD) zip(13k)

Heidelberg Catechism (135k).with Bible text references (1563AD) zip 30k)

Luther's Shorter Catechism (47k) with Luther's preface (1529AD) zip(15k)

Church of England Catechism (42k) revised edition (1605AD) zip(9k)

Canons of Dort (188k) Held at Dordrecht, (1618-1619AD) PDF (219k) zip (32k)

"To the Reader" (30k)  Introductions to Westminster Confession of Faith. zip(12k)

Westminster Shorter Catechism (273k) with full Bible text proofs (1648AD) pdf (497k) zip (61k)

The Westminster Larger Catechism. (151k) Assembly of Divines at Westminster, (1648AD) PDF (209k) zip(35k)

The Belgic Confession (37k) approved by the synod of Dort, (1619AD) zip(23k)

WESTMINSTER CONFESSION OF FAITH PAGE Assembly of Divines in 1647AD [with text proofs].

Expositon of the Westminster Confession by Robert Shaw D.D., 8th edition, 1857AD.

French Confession of Faith (48k) by John Calvin from Schaff's "Creeds" 1559AD. zip (15k)