William Tyndale 1490-94(?) to 1536AD

 William Tyndale, Bible translator

William Tyndale Martyr

(From the Engraving in Heröologia, 1620, the earliest known Portrait.)

I perceived by experience how that it was impossible to establish the lay people in any truth, except the Scripture were plainly laid before their eyes in their mother-tongue, that they might see the process, order, and meaning of the text.’ Tindale’s Preface to the Pentateuch.

‘I call God to record against the day we shall appear before our Lord Jesus, to give a reckoning of our doings, that I never altered one syllable of God’s Word against my conscience, nor would this day, if all that is in the earth, whether it be pleasure, honour, or riches, might be given me.’ Tindales Letter to Frith.



William Tindale

A Biography


Being a Contribution to the Early History

of the English Bible


By Robert Demaus, M.A.


Author of ‘Hugh Latimer: A Biography’


Popular Edition, Revised

By Richard Lovett, M.A.

The Religious Tract Society

4 Bouverie Street;  65 St. Paul’s Churchyard, E.C.



PDF BOOK (1.7mb) William Tindale, a Biography by Robert Demaus, M.A.

INTRODUCTION. (66k) pdf (87k) docx (23k)

CHAPTER I. (224k) Early Life. A.D. 1484-1521. pdf (176k) docx (58k)

CHAPTER II. (161k) Tindale’s Life at Little Sodbury. A.D. 1521-1523. pdf (164k) docx (44k)

CHAPTER III. (137k) Tindale’s Life in London, A.D. 1523-1524. pdf (87k) docx (38k)

CHAPTER IV. (172k) From Tindale’s Arrival in Hamburg to the Printing of the First English New Testament. A.D. 1524-1526. pdf (98k) docx (45k)

CHAPTER V. (148k) Tindale’s First New Testament: Description of the Book in its Two Forms: Tindale’s Qualifications as a Translator: Specimens of his Work. pdf (71k) docx (39k)

CHAPTER VI. (178k) Tindale’s Life at Worms : Reception of the New Testament in England: Literary Labours: Hostility of Wolsey, A.D. 1525-1527. pdf (95k) docx (47k)

CHAPTER VII. (219k) Tindale at Marburg: Publishes ‘The Wicked Mammon’ and ‘The Obedience of a Christian Man.’ A.D. 1528. pdf (174k) docx (67k)

CHAPTER VIII. (252k) Marburg: Antwerp: Hamburg: Publication of the ‘Pentateuch’ and ‘The Practice of Prelates.’ A.D. 1529-1530. pdf (152k) docx (65k)

CHAPTER IX. (176k) Controversy with Sir Thomas More. pdf (89k) docx (45k)

CHAPTER X. (262k) Tindale at Antwerp: Negotiations to induce him to return to England: Interview with Vaughan: His Continued Literary Labours, A.D. 1531. pdf (176k) docx (75k)

CHAPTER XI. (221k) Attempts to seize Tindale: His Renewed Wanderings: Continued Literary Labours: Frith arrested and martyred in England: Tindale’s Letter to Frith: His Final Removal to Antwerp, A.D. 1532-1533. pdf (126k) docx (59k)

CHAPTER XII. (224k) Tindale’s Life at Antwerp: Revision of the New Testament: Controversy with George Joye: Tindale seized, A.D. 1533-1535. pdf (116k) docx (54k)

CHAPTER XIII. (350k) Arrest of Tindale: His Imprisonment, Trial, and Martyrdom, A.D. 1535-1536. pdf (238k) docx (85k)